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Ashleigh's Giving Circle

Creating a chain reaction of pay it forward actions
A great definition of what "Ashleigh's Giving Circle means"
A message from Ashleigh's mother - Jae Sanders

The idea of creating this website came from Ashleigh's never-ending desire to help others. Her daily mantra is to give back and wants to inspire others to do so as well.

While we explore the possibilities of becoming a non-profit (no small feat), we have designed this as a "giving circle". A Giving Circle is a type of pooled fund where members make grants together; sometimes called a “social investment club.”

Giving circles are very flexible and allow members to express their creativity. Giving Circles can be a few donors or many and the decision to "invest" or donate becomes the responsibility of the Board of Directors.

Please understand our goal is to promote education in healthcare field and as funds become available, we intend to reward those who pay it forward by paying it forward.

Our primary rewards will be for CNA certification and Nursing Boards. Wouldn't it be great if we had so much funding that we could do more??

Inspiring others to give without expecting